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Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT)

Working with self encounters online

Godehart Hannig
IoPT Psychotrauma Practitioner

You probably opened this page because you are looking for help

- because you can't take your life situation any more and feel that you don't want to go on like this.
- because you are sick (physically or mentally) and medication is not a solution.
- because you need new impulses for your personal development.
- because you are facing important decisions in your life and need advice.
I can offer you my help!

With my IoPT work I support people who want to improve their relationships with others, relieve their symptoms and investigate the causes of their problems.
Does one of the following questions concern you:
- Who am I?
- Why am I the way I am?
- Why do I have physical and mental pain, illnesses, accidents, burnout, depression, fears?
- Why do I have problems in relationships with other people?
- How can I change so that I can live a more self-determined life?
- How can I get a better understanding of myself and make clear decisions in my life!

With my help you can take a journey into the interior of your psyche. With the intention method you can explore yourself, feel yourself and bring about change. You need several steps in which you decide for yourself what you want to look at or change. You set the pace.

My work is based on the intention method developed by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert.
I work with self-encounters. More information about IoPT in english is provided by Prof.Dr.Franz Ruppert, Vivian Broughton in England and Martha Thorsheim in Norway.


IoPT online sessions

We started IoPT online sessions with a client from East USA november 2023. In order to establish a permanent group I will offer monthly sessions with maximum 3 IoPT works. There are people from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and United Arabian Emirates taking part as resonators or just as viewers.
Resonators are chosen by the person who does a session in order to represent one of the words in his/her intention. For more information on self-encounters look at the links above.
Concerning time zones we will start sessions late morning EST and will last around 4-5 hours, depending on the number of sessions. It could be interesting to have more people from eastern USA and Canada  in the group! If you are new to IoPT I recommend taking part first as a resonator to feel how this ingenious work is done.

The sessions are held via Webex software. You have to register by email in order to get access to the sessions. I will send webex access information after registration.

The price for one self-encounter is 80€, approximately 80 US$.
Participants who attend as visitors, resonators, newbies are free.


Conditions of attending a IoPT session

This is a therapeutic Seminar, and the central topic that we are dealing with is psychological and emotional trauma. This means that it is important all participants take their participation seriously and treat each other with respect and care.
Please note the following points:

NO RECORDING OR ANY FORM OF CAPTURING (video or audio) is allowed during the Seminar.

Each Registration is for that participant only. This means that you cannot share your computer with anyone else, or have anyone else in your room with you during the Seminar. If anyone tries to enter the Meeting room who is not registered they will be ejected from the event.

You need to be in a private and quiet room where you will not be disturbed by other people, pets or noise. You need to make it clear to anyone else in your house or nearby that you cannot be interrupted when the Seminar is in session.

During the Seminar if you start to feel vulnerable you can mute the sound and turn off your video at any time and take a moment for yourself.

After the Seminar if anything comes up for you that you feel concerned about you can contact me by email ( or Whatsapp (+49 173 2969985)


Sessions Calendar

Date Item Time US Eastern Time Central Europe Time Emirates Free places with self-encounter
Mar 8 2024 online group session 11:00 17:00 20:00 3
Apr 12 2024 online group session 11:00 17:00 20:00 3
May 10 2024 online group session 11:00 17:00 20:00 3
Jun 14 2024 online group session 11:00 17:00 20:00 3

About me

I was born in 1952 near Cologne, Germany. My parents had suffered multiple traumata in their childhood, the Nazi time, WWII, the hard times after the war. They came from Silesia, a part of Germany which is Poland now. My father was soldier in Russia, my mother underwent the invasion of the Russian troops, fleeing and coming back, displaced into the DDR (german democratic republic) and again she escaped to west Germany.
As an entrepreneur I had a very bad midlife crisis and I began to ask myself: why do I ghave the same problems which lead me to fatigue and burnout? It was time to uncover trauma which I had been unaware of.
In 2008 finally got to know Prof.Dr.Franz Ruppert in Munich the inventor of the IoPT theory and therapy. I started my IoPT journey, attended the IoPT training in 2010 and started working as a IoPT facilitator in 2011. In 2020 I got the IoPT training license and give primary and supervision courses.

I do IoPT sessions in Kassel, online sessions every Wednesday, plus the trainings.

IoPT changed my life completely. It is very fulfilling and heartwarming to get to know myself better, admit my own feelings and stop repeating my perpetrator-victim-dynamic. The same applies for the sessions of my clients!


If I want to change the world I have to change myself first.
If I want to have good relationship with others I first want to get into contact with my heathy I and my own feelings!

© 2024 Godehart Hannig
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